Bukobot V2 Vanilla Kit

Bukobot V2 Vanilla Kit

$ 1,299.00

*Note: The Bukobot V2 Vanilla is currently out of stock

This is our new Bukobot 8 version 2. This gets you a complete kit of the Bukobot 8 3D printer featuring 8x8x8 inch (200x200x200mm) build volume, our new "Spitfire" extruder, and heated platform. With the Bukobot 8, you can print with ABS, PLA, Nylon (with optional platform), Polycarbonate, PVA, HIPS, TPE (Ninjaflex) and other common 3D printing thermo plastic filaments in 3mm diameter. This is a great 3D printer for anyone that wants to print amazing 3D objects that is now even easier to build, affordable and fits right on your desktop.


  • Much easier to build than most 3D printers!
  • Rigid aluminum frame for great 3D prints.
  • 8"x8"x8" (200x200x200mm) build volume.
  • All Metal & High Quality "Spitfire" Extruder for fast printing.
  • Next generation Azteeg X3 controller board, SD Card reader, Duo Ready (Extra Driver), Arduino compatible.
  • Prints with ABS, PLA, Nylon, Polycarbonate, PVA, HIPS and other common filaments.
  • Tastu v2 Extruder Drive Gear for the best grip on your filament.
  • Strong Synchromesh Cables for X/Y Axis (better than old style belts)
  • Upgradable to Dual Extruders
  • 200mm+/sec print speeds
  • No Software to buy! Compatible with lots of FREE open source firmwares and host apps.
  • Heavy duty power supply for optimal printing

Note: Delivered kit may be slightly different than pictures as we are constantly improving the design, but functionality and specs will be the same (or better) as described.

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