HIPS Filament

$ 50.00

High quality 3.00mm HIPS plastic filament (1.0kg / 2.2lbs.)

High-impact Polystyrene - HIPS is useful as support material for ABS. Great as break-off support or dissolvable support. HIPS dissolves with d-Limonene or soften with PineSol. HIPS can also be used for general printing.



Prototype Supply
Full name
High Impact Poly Styrene
What is it?
HIPS adds some impact modifiers to polystyrene which would otherwise be too brittle for use in 3D printing.

Although more brittle, HIPS is otherwise very similar to ABS when used for 3D printing.

HIPS and ABS adheres fairly well to each other during dual-material printing, so that the part tends to stay together during build time.

Support structures made with the more brittle HIPS is easy to break off and remove. Any remaining HIPS can be dissolved with d-Limonene (citrus oil) which generally does not affect the ABS.
Recommended solvent
D-Limonene Acetone
Made with
Glass temperature (Tg)
Recommended extruder temperature (varies by printer)
Shrinkage when cooling to room temperature
Recommended heated bed temperature (varies by printer)
Shrinkage when cooling to elevated ambient temperature
Recommended filament packing density
Filament size
3.00 mm

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