Filament 3.00mm - PLA

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High quality PLA filament (1.0kg / 2.2lbs.)

PLA is by far the most popular plastic for 3D printing. Its chief advantage is its lower shrink rate after extrusion, making it easier to print larger parts that would warp when printed with ABS or HIPS.

PLA is also stiffer than ABS at room temperature, making it a better plastic to print solid and rigid parts with very little flex. However, PLA parts are brittle and may shatter.

In addition, PLA does not work well at higher temperatures. It will begin to soften at around 50C -- and printed parts left in a car on a hot day will sag on their own!

Although PLA works fine without a heated print bed, printing with a warm print bed will yield better results.

Compatible with most printers.


Prototype Supply
Full name
Poly Lactic Acid
Derived from
Starch derived from corn and other plant sources
Glass temperature (Tg)
55 C
Recommended extruder temperature (varies by printer)
190-220 C
Shrinkage when cooling to room temperature
Recommended heated bed temperature (varies by printer)
Unheated OK. 50-60C for best results.
Shrinkage when cooling to elevated ambient temperature
Very low
Recommended filament packing density
Filament size
3.00 mm

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