*Spitfire Extruder Kit & Upgrade

$ 210.00

The New Bukobot Spitfire Extruder now available as upgrade or stand alone.

Please READ all options for choosing your upgrade options for your Bukobot.

Upgrade instructions on our wiki: http://www.bukobot.com/jitsbuild-v1-to-v2

The Spitfire Extruder by Deezmaker is the all metal, high performance compact 3D printer extruder you are looking for!

  • All-Metal design allows up to 290c max temperature.
  • No dangerous Teflon / PTFE or PEEK parts.
  • Gold plated precision barrel for lower friction and smoother feeding.
  • Short heat zone for better performance.
  • Fast heating with 40 watt cartridge heater.
  • Pre-assembled for you for quick installation.
  • Easy idler pressure system, no adjustment screws to fiddle with.
  • Makerbot® MK7 / MK8 compatible mounting style.


  • Tatsu v2 custom drive gear for an amazing bite on any material.
  • Bukobot v1 to v2 adapter kit includes all metal X carriage and hardware for easy upgrade (adds about 1" to you build height!).
  • Light, but mighty, 14:1 ratio gear stepper motor for power and accuracy.


  • 3mm Filament Compatible
  • 0.4mm nozzle
  • 40w cartridge heater
  • Nema 14, 14:1 geared stepper motor.

How to Choose Your Bukobot Upgrade Path:

If you have Bukobot v1 Single Extruder:

Upgrade to Single Spitfire

  • +1 Spitfire Nozzle
  • v1 to v2 Metal X Carriage Kit
  • Optional +1 Tatsu v2
  • Optional +1 Geared Motor

Upgrade to DUAL Spitfire

  • +2 Spitfire Nozzle
  • v1 to v2 Metal X Carriage Kit
  • +2 Tatsu v2
  • +1 or +2 Geared Motor
  • +1 Geared Motor (+2 Optional)
  • Azteeg X3 with 1 Driver (if you have an X1)

If you have Bukobot v2 Single Extruder:

Upgrade to DUAL Spitfire

  • +1 Spitfire Nozzle
  • +1 Tatsu v2
  • +1 Geared Motor

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