Tatsu Mini Drive Gear

Tatsu Mini Drive Gear

$ 13.99

This is our custom presicion Tatsu Mini drive gear used on our Bukito 3D printer, now available separately for your own projects. We specially designed this filament drive gear to have maximum bite and an accessible knurled gripping area to manually feed your filament. Made from high quality brass for long life and sharp teeth. Having a smaller diameter, the Tatsu Mini helps increase the driving torque which gives you more power and reliability.

May be a compatible replacement for the Ultimaker 2 drive system (untested).


  • 5mm bore (inside hole)
  • ~8.5mm effective feed diameter (9mm Outer Diameter)
  • Teeth size great for 3mm & 1.75mm filaments
  • For 1/16 microsteps systems use 119 steps/mm
  • For 1/32 microsteps systems use 238 steps/mm

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